Treasure Falls

Treasure Falls. The waterfall named after a local legend. It’s probably the most iconic and recognizable waterfall in Pagosa Springs. Located 15 miles east of Pagosa Springs on Hwy 160 right before you start the climb up to Wolf Creek Pass.

The legend goes that in the late 1700’s a group of several hundred Frenchmen from Kansas found some gold in this area and buried their stash near a great waterfall. After being ambushed by local Indians, they fled the area back to Kansas. But only two were able to survive the harsh winter. Survivors were never able to make it back to Colorado to find their gold. For years now, many have claimed to have original maps and searched for the infamous gold. But so far nothing has been found.

The hike up to Treasure Falls is a relatively easy one. There’s two ways up to Treasure Falls. To the left you have the main route. And to the right you have the primitive trail. Both routes are about a quarter-mile long and climb up 300 ft.

At the top of the trail is the lookout where you can feel the mist of rush of air from the waterfall. During Spring Season, the waterfall is the strongest due to snow melt off. And in the winter, the waterfall freezes, giving viewers a whole new view. Even in the snow, the trail is accessible.

The trip up to the falls and back typically takes about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how much time you take at the top.

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