Rosie's Pizzeria

Matt Martin - Realtor, Pagosa Springs
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There's a few restaurants here in Pagosa Springs that have a huge local following. And Rosie's Pizzeria is one of them. So much so that they proceeded on a major expansion this past Fall and Winter to allow more customers to dine in. Owned by Kirk and Audrey Bliss, their motto happens to be "Live and Eat Like a Local". And you can tell as Rosie's strives to deliver consistent and quality food that leaves you satisfied and coming back for more.

Menu Options

Located in Uptown are of Pagosa Springs, their pizza is top-notch. There's thousands of combinations of pizzas that you could order. But they are known for a few specialities like their White Pizza and Supreme Pizza.

But there's also plenty of other items on the menu that make this restaurant more than just a pizza joint. From over ten salads, grilled panini's, subs, and some of the best lasagna you have ever had, you can find something for everyone here. And if you know, you know...there's certain items here that you can order that are not on the menu handed out to patrons. And without a doubt, my favorite off-menu item has to be "Paul's Knot's" - a version of the their garlic knot's that spices it up a bit.

Craft Beer

Rosie's Pizzeria recently expanded their restaurant, nearly doubling in size. It now has a large bar area serving up probably the best beer list in Pagosa Springs. Their taps are constantly rotating and changing to ensure they have plenty of options to offer all beer lovers. Every time you come in, there's always a new IPA or Stout to try out. And Kirk works hard to bring in special beers that may be difficult to find on tap at other restaurants in Colorado.

Expansion Plans

Rosie's Pizzeria has big plans for the future. From expanding their patio area with a roof overhead, to installing garage doors to bring the outside in, their plans ensure this restaurant will continue to be the place to eat and drink in the Uptown area of Pagosa Springs.


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