Nordic: Coyote Hill

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If you're a fan of outdoor sports and adventure, then Nordic skiing in Pagosa Springs, Colorado should definitely be on your bucket list. Coyote Hill, located just a few miles north of Uptown in Pagosa Springs, is a popular spot for Nordic skiing enthusiasts.

Today, we follow local athlete and teacher Josh Kurz as he tours around Coyote Hill.

What is Nordic Skiing?

Nordic skiing, also known as cross-country skiing, is a popular winter sport that originated in Scandinavia. Unlike alpine skiing, which focuses on skiing downhill, Nordic skiing involves skiing across flat or rolling terrain using skis, poles, and specialized boots that clip onto the skis.

Nordic skiing is an excellent form of exercise that works the entire body and provides a great cardiovascular workout. It's also a great way to enjoy the beauty of the winter landscape, as skiers glide through forests, fields, and over hills.

Coyote Hill

Coyote Hill is a hidden gem in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. The Pagosa Ranger District grooms up to 14 km for skate skiing, with set tracks for classic cross-country skiing.

There's trails for each level of skier. The first level off the parking area is for beginners. The main trail continues up to the second level for 3 km of intermediate terrain. And finally, the upper loop offers another 6km of intermediate and 2km of advanced terrain.

Please note that the ski trails are groomed exclusively for cross-country skiing. No walkers! And no snowmobiles! Dogs should be leashed or under voice control. Pick up waste!

Coyote Hill is open daily from mid-December to mid-March, weather permitting.


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