Scenic Colorado Drives: Williams Creek Reservoir

Williams Creek Reservoir is located in Hinsdale, County - the most remote area in the United States lower 48. On this scenic drive, we start at the boundary of the San Juan National Forest by the Turkey Springs Trailhead. To get to the Turkey Springs Trailhead from Hwy 160, head north at Piedra Rd and go 6.4 miles.

This is a very popular route as it leads to some of the more popular trails in the area - Piedra River Trail and Piedra Falls. It also leads to five different campgrounds that surround the Williams Creek Reservoir area.

Once you arrive at the trailhead, the road turns from asphalt to dirt. Conditions in the summer can get very dusty with potholes and washboard grooves.

One area where people can get turned around is a fork in the road near Sportman's Campground about 11.5 miles in. In order to head to Williams Reservoir, stay left at the Y.

Soon thereafter you'll pass a bridge and the associated Bridge Campground. This is a great campground for those who like to fish as nearly all campsites are located right on Williams Creek.

After another three miles, you arrive at Williams Creek Campground, the biggest of all the National Forest Campgrounds in the Pagosa Springs area.

Shortly after Williams Creek Campground is Teal Campground, which contains some of the best campground views in all of Colorado. Once here, you've arrived and it's your choice of where you want to go explore.

You can check out the day use area at Teal Campground, located right on the lake. Or head further north to the boat launch area, where we ended our scenic drive video. Another 2.5 miles north is Cimarrona Campground, tucked away in the pines and aspens. And at the end of Piedra Road is Palisades Campground for those with horses.

In this area you can find a few trails that lead up to the Continental Divide Trail - Williams Creek Trail #587, Cimaronna Trail #586 and Weminuche Trail #592.